Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Anniversary of the Peshtigo and Chicago Fires

I usually don't write two blogs in one day.  I have all I can do to write one some days, but I heard on the news tonight that it was a historical day.  On October 8, 1871, there was a terrible fire in Wisconsin.  It killed more people and burned more land than any other fire in history.  It was the Peshtigo Fire.  On the same day, one hundred forty two years ago, Chicago had the famous Chicago fire.  Over 1200 people died in the Peshtigo fire and 300 in the Chicago fire.  After I listened to this information on the news tonight,  I thought of a fiction book I read years ago. Most of the story took place in northeast Wisconsin.   I like books that are written in the area I am familiar with.  The book started out in the wild land around Waupaca and Amherst Wisconsin.  It is about a woman's survival.  Later in the book the characters end up in Peshtigo and Chicago.  That was the first time I realized that both fires were on the same day.  Connecting Waupaca and Amherst Wisconsin is the Tomorrow River which is a tributary of the Wolf River.  It can be seen when traveling along Highway 10.  The book was titled Tomorrow is a River by Barbara Fitz Vroman.  I am by no means a book expert and I listen to most of my books, but I enjoyed it.  It was a little long in some parts, but that may be my short attention span.  Maybe it can still be found in some libraries and used book stores. It was probably written over twenty years ago.   I have had two copies but I have no idea who I gave them to or where they are.  So if you like historical fiction, this book might be enjoyable to read.

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