Friday, May 8, 2015

Even Carp Have A Purpose

There isn't much new to report that I haven't mentioned a hundred times.  All the spring birds are returning.  In fact, last night the Nexrad radar detected many migrating birds.  The south winds provided a great chance for birds to migrate northward,  This is the Nexrad image from 11:41 PM on May 6, 2015. The areas that are lit up in blues and even greens are migrating birds!  Who knew that they could track the progress of birds. 

Early in the week we had a beautiful full moon.  I guess it is called the Flower moon.   It probably is a perfect name because the flowering plants are growing so fast you can practically see them grow.

The carp were spawning.  They make such a racket during that time by splashing in the water.  There is never a doubt when that starts.  The other night it sounded like a huge animal was flailing trying get to safety.  It was just the carp.  A young man we know likes bowfishing.  He came into our pond and was very successful spearing the carp.  I asked him what they did with the fish, and he said they give them to a man who smokes them.  There is a joke there about seeing someone smoke a carp, but I will ignore my inclination to go there.  I guess they put them in a wood smoker and eat the smoked fish.

He was having so much luck, he went to get a friend.  They both were able to shoot quite a few before going home.  The big bucket in the middle of the boat holds the fish.  I told my husband that it looks like fun, and he should try.  He just laughed and said if he tried to stand up in the boat, he would fall overboard.  These young boys can balance without a problem, but his old legs may have a problem. 

We enjoyed watching this process very much, and we were happy to share our abundance of carp.