Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Train of Life

With the death of my dad comes piles and piles of paperwork to keep track of.  I am trying to keep track of everything and trying to keep everything in order.  However, a few days ago, I was straightening up some of the mail that had come in.  There in the pile was a bookmark.  I remember seeing this before.  Someone had sent it to me or given it to me in the past.  I apologize to whoever it was who gave it to me.  If it was someone reading this blogpost, please let me know.  I remember liking it, but it didn't have the impact or significance it has now.  How or why it appeared now is anybody's guess, but I think I was meant to see it at this moment in time.  I hope it has meaning to others who are reading it.

I'm sorry I don't know who the author is either.  I wish I did.  I would like to give credit to the person who wrote these beautiful words.  I found other poems by this name, but not this one.

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