Monday, May 4, 2020

My "Eagle-eyed" Plan For Today

As we approach eight weeks of being Safe at Home we are continually looking for things to do.  It's amazing how many little things were left undone before this.  It was much easier to make an excuse to go shopping or leave the house just because we could.  Now each day is divided up into what we should do and what we want to do.  I am afraid when this pandemic is under control and we are free to come and go, there will still be things to do that we have still put off.  It reminds me of the job jar I had for my husband.  I thought it was an awesome idea because every time I would have a project to do, I would write it on a piece of paper and put it in a jar.  Then he would reach into the jar and pull out the next project.  It sounds good in theory but only if you do that project.  I soon figured out that soon all the easy projects were finished and all the hard projects remained in the jar.  I hadn't made it clear that an unpleasant job could not be returned to the jar.  For the record, I had my own job jar too and I did the same thing.

Today is going to be an easy day to fill.  It is carp spawning season on our marsh.  The carp are very active today and that is fun to watch.  They splash around on the surface of the water and sometimes jump out of the water.  I have written about the carp bow hunters that come in at night to fish for these carp.  They come in very late so I wasn't looking forward to last night but it was way too windy and we actually got uninterrupted sleep.

As I was watching this morning, I saw two eagles sitting in the tree about half way across the marsh.  They are very patient birds and can sit for hours just waiting for that perfect opportunity.  I watched off and on along with them.  In situations like this, a longer zoom lens would certainly be nice.

I got some coffee and returned to glance out the window.  Oh my gosh, there was one of the eagles sitting right below our deck in the same location the turtles have been sunning themselves.

I grabbed the camera and got a picture before he flew off.  My first thought was that he was after a turtle, but I then realized that it was the carp he was after.  It was a buffet right in front of him.

As the young eagle flew off, he grabbed for a fish.  I didn't get a shot of him catching one, but that is what I plan for today.  Who knows.  I will be busy watching.