Monday, May 29, 2017

May 2017

I haven't blogged for more than three weeks, so I guess I am overdue.  My husband got a very miserable virus or infection three weeks ago.  He was given a course of antibiotics for bronchitis and a sinus infection.  We weren't sure if that was necessary or if it was a virus that needed to run its course.  He felt somewhat better from the medication but the coughing continued.  Last week he got a steroid which seems to be helping.  The weather is getting gorgeous, and it's too nice to stuck inside not feeling well.  We did manage a two hour trip to my parents gravesite and to an old country cemetery near City Point Wisconsin where my great grandparents are buried.  Putting flowers on the graves were very important to my parents and so we try to honor that tradition.  It was a quick trip but we made the effort, coughing most of the way. 

The month of May is always a busy time.  Our grandkids are finishing up the school year so all the concerts and end of year activities are happening.  We did miss a few things but went to those we could.

Sam our middle grandchild was in a middle school play.  His name was Jeeves and he played a butler.

Serious Sam still in character.

Taking a final bow.

He doesn't know what to think of his sister hugging him.  Suspicion is on his face.

Jack was next.  He participated in a Poetry in Motion activity.  The day it was scheduled we had rain and since it was being done outside, it had to be rescheduled.  We didn't see it in person but were able to view a video.  His poem was about football.

Then there was Ewan in a Gallery Walk.  Ewan is in 1st grade.  His classmates and he had to pick a topic from nature.  They researched it, made a book about it and presented the information to parents and grandparents.  It is such a good experience to get these kids comfortable with public speaking at such a young age.  I never did get comfortable with it.  The first time I had to speak in front of a group was in 10th grade speech class.  I did a terrible job.  

Our two older grandchildren have also been busy with end of the year activities, and both have been practicing driving.  Melissa is finished with her driver's education instructions and will be taking her driver's test in a couple weeks.  Dylan hasn't started the behind the wheel instruction but has been practicing.  He is loving driving his parents Mustang.  

Besides the kids activities, there is a lot of other things going on this time of year.  I walked in a 5K for Cancer.  That was a happy day for me especially being able to visit the survivor tent.  We celebrated Mother's Day, our youngest daughters birthday, and our other daughter's wedding anniversary.   We also attended a high school graduation party for a friend. 

All the Spring flowers are in full bloom as well as the fruit trees and bushes.  It is a beautiful time of the year.

Blackberry bushes in bloom.

The birds are busy either sitting on eggs or feeding their babies.

Robins nesting in my fuschia plant.

Bluebird eggs

Today we had a chubby possum in the yard.  I wonder if she is pregnant because she looks larger than most.  I recently learned that possums eat ticks so I was happy to see this one nosing through the yard.  We have a lot of ticks this year so these possums are welcome to all the ticks they can eat.

Another exciting thing happened.  While sitting out on our deck, I heard an unusual sound.  It was loud and kind of a screech.  I looked up and saw a whooping crane fly over head.  It was being very vocal and I'm not sure why he was so loud.  Perhaps he was letting other cranes know that he was close by.

The turtles are coming up in the yard to lay eggs, the bullfrogs are croaking day and night, and new baby fawns will be showing up any day now.  It is an exciting time of year and one of the best reasons we live in Wisconsin.  After a long winter, Spring makes everything better (hopefully).