Sunday, April 7, 2019

Another Dreary Sunday

Today I woke up to a beautiful day.  The temperature was mild, and it became sunny.  We have had a long winter, and spring has not been what I had hoped for.  It has been cold.  The weather people say it has been seasonable or above normal, but I don't believe that.  I thought today would be different.  We were looking forward to doing a couple projects outside.  I have been making birdseed blocks regularly.  The birds enjoy them and normally they last a long time.  The red winged blackbirds and other birds can't just scoop the seed onto the ground.  Recently some of the cakes were getting eaten way too fast.  I discovered that a pesky raccoon was coming after dark and eating them.  The only one they left alone was one protected by a tubular raccoon guard.

This guard is in need of a spring cleanup but it works great.

We decided it was time to make a couple more.  We went to the lumber yard a few days ago and purchased some stovepipe, a cap to fit the stovepipe and a longer pole.  The next step was to cut the pole to size and drill the proper size hole in the metal cap.  Since our son in law has a very complete shop, we paid him a visit.  Within five minutes, he had the job done.

When we pulled into their driveway, our youngest grandson Ewan was busy as usual.  This time  he was making a pond for his frogs.  Last year he settled for a habitat in a plastic tub, but I guess he decided to expand.  Just like his dad, Ewan is always busy with something.  If he can't be outside, he is inside writing books and making movies.  He told me the pond started out a little larger but the water is escaping.  He is damming it up with mud and rocks so it will last all summer.  He isn't afraid of working hard, that's for sure.  Hopefully his pond will not drain away although it may also be a perfect mosquito breeding ground.

After a short visit, we headed home.  We had things to do.  As the pond photos show, the skies had become overcast but it was sixty-six degrees so I was ok with that.

When we were about half way home, it started to rain.  I was not happy.  So here I'm sitting waiting for the rain to stop.  It doesn't look promising.  The fog is rolling in, and I can hear the rain on the roof.  If I were a napper, this would be the perfect Sunday afternoon for that.

The raccoon/squirrel guard is completed.  It will need to be painted and installed when the weather improves.  Hopefully that will be soon.  There is a spring storm coming at the end of this week.  Hopefully it fizzles out or doesn't bring bunch of snow.  I know summer will get here eventually, but I would prefer it be sooner than later.

Raccoon guard ready to be installed.

What a difference a day makes.  Today, April 8, 2019, is simply gorgeous.  The sun is shining brightly, the wind is light and the temperature is around 70 degrees.

Quite an improvement over the rainy and foggy picture of yesterday.

My husband was able to get outside and install the raccoon/squirrel guards on two of the bird feeder poles.

I found some spray paint in the basement which will work for now.  Later I will repaint and clean up everything for the summer.  Now it's time to put out more seed and see what happens.  Hopefully these will keep the masked mischief makers away from our bird feeders.