Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Cabin Fever

I normally don't mind winter too much.  I really like living in an area that has four seasons and winter weather is part of that.  We live in Wisconsin and have fantastic heating systems and most counties have snow removal down to a science.  There are very few days when we can't get out.  I equate it to being in Phoenix in the summer.  I have been there when it is 110 degrees at 10:00pm.  Those people are pretty much stuck indoors just as we are when the temperature is below zero.  Winter sports are fun if you take advantage.  Snowshoeing, sledding and tubing, ice skating, sking, building snow forts and snowmen and even snowmobiling are winter activities.  Even if I don't do a lot of these myself, it's fun to watch the grandchildren enjoy winter.

This year is a little different.  I actually have cabin fever living in my cabin.  The weather is not your typical winter.  The temperatures have varied so much that one day it's really cold and the next is fairly warm.  Other parts of the state have gotten some snow, but we have very little. The snow we have has thawed and frozen again into a hard crusty uneven mess.  It isn't good for any outdoor activities. Even driving in this weather is risky at times.  You can leave in perfectly good weather and return in a snow squall where you can't even see the road. 

Yesterday the yard was covered with slush

and standing water.

It was melting and raining so much that all the low areas had standing water and slush.  It was not a nice day.  Then overnight the temperatures dropped and the water froze solid.

This morning the water was frozen solid.

I could find things to do inside.  There are some big projects I would like done, but I have come to the point in my life where I am pretty satisfied with things as they are.  I have lived under construction so much, the thought of tearing apart the house doesn't appeal to me.  I could do some cooking and baking but neither of us need the extra calories.  I could participate on facebook, but that is so full of anger and meanness and complaining, I just want to stay away.  Human kindness seems to be long gone.  I could adopt a pet but that would just add to my stress.  Pets die too young.  I'm not ready to go through that again.  I could knit more hats, mittens and slippers and add them to the pile of stuff nobody wants.  I could watch TV, but that isn't very uplifting either with the 600 pound life and weird violent stories.  I have seen most of the Hallmark movies.  I could write a blog, but I have written so many, I don't have much more to talk about.  I could read more but not being a reader, I get really tired after a few pages.  I read often but not for long periods of time.   I do have birds and wildlife to watch, although they aren't as active as usual.  Here are some winter birds I watch regularly.  These are just a few because I take hundreds of photos.

Chipping Sparrow

White breasted Nuthatch

Hairy Woodpecker

Downy Woodpecker

Female Cardinal


Rose Breasted Nuthatch

Male Cardinal

Red Bellied Woodpecker

I even took a picture of my daughter's bird picture.

I sound depressed but I am NOT.  We are fairly healthy and I am so grateful for that.  I am just out of ideas for fun things to do.  My husband does not get bored.  He can work really hard or sit for twelve hours straight without running out of things to do or think about. My mom always said "this too shall pass".   It will, but I may have to wait a few weeks.  So for the next 67 days, 9 hours and 11 minutes until Spring or when the weather breaks so I can get outside, I will have to find something to do.  I have some ideas but I will only share if and when it happens.  I don't want to promise something I can't deliver.