Sunday, November 1, 2020

Not Your Halloween From Years Gone By

What strange times we live in.  How can a society of people get similar information handed out constantly and draw completely different conclusions?  Take this wearing of a mask situation.  I admit when the Covid 19 virus came to our attention no one knew if masks would protect us, but quickly scientists determined how important they are.  Yet huge numbers of people won't be told what to do even if it's in their own best interest.  Social distancing and mask wearing are proven to slow this virus down.  We had a downtown trick or treat event in our town.  We happened to be driving downtown at the time, and I saw most adults and some children were not wearing masks.  It wasn't as if they were distancing themselves from others either.  Just because you are friends or family doesn't mean you are safe from this virus.  All it takes is one person in a group who is infected and may not even know it.  People say not to live in fear.  You don't live in fear if you are careful and by careful I mean don't put yourself in any situation where you can get infected.  We have family members who have been exposed by working shoulder to shoulder with someone who tested positive.  Fortunately they tested negative because of masks and hand washing.  The infected person felt good enough to be out and about and had no idea they were carrying the virus.  We have cancelled Thanksgiving and probably Christmas this year because none of us know if we are asymptomatic. I would rather not spend a holiday with a loved one, than be responsible for their illness and then not be able to be in the hospital with them if they die.  Okay, I'll get off my soap box.  Some will agree and some will not.  Nothing I can say will change that.

Halloween was yesterday.  All the towns in our area had trick or treat.  Most people who participated distributed treats safely.  The kids seem to spread out safely as well.  Much better than the downtown fiasco I witnessed.  My daughter decided they would create their own little holiday fun.  The party was outside and included two sets of grandparents, my daughter, her husband and our grandson Ewan, who by now most of you are familiar with.  He makes an occasion out of anything.  

We arrived last and sat separated from everyone.  My daughter had spray painted 34 plastic Easter eggs with glow in the dark paint.  She hid them around the yard along with a Halloween basket.  It had to be dark before the eggs glowed and Ewan was allowed to find them, so we had desert first.  She had apple cake, apple crisp and hot apple cider.

 With his flashlight in hand,  Ewan started the hunt.  It took a while, but he managed to find every one. 

He needed a little hint for the basket.  The hint was "Mums the Word".  I thought the basket was near his "Muma" but it was hidden in the mum plant.  


Ewan opened the eggs which contained many varieties of candy.  Most were his favorite.  He did offer me the Almond Joy because I sensed that was on the bottom of his favorite's list.  In his basket were all the makings for hot chocolate bombs.  I had never heard of such a thing which isn't too surprising.  I'm old and live in a bubble right now.  I actually looked them up on Pinterest and surprisingly there were many postings for them.  Basically they are a hollow chocolate ball with hot chocolate powder inside.  I learned you can also put mini marshmallows or peppermint bits inside.  Whatever you like in your hot chocolate can be contained in this chocolate ball.  

This is how they were prepared.  First they took melting chocolate and melted it.  Then they spread the melted chocolate into a silicone mold which can be purchased at any craft store.  Next they let the chocolate harden.

After the chocolate is hardened and the shells removed from the mold, the shell edges were warmed on a warm pan and the hot chocolate mix is put inside one half.  When the warmed edges are put together, they stick together to make a chocolate ball.

 Now all that is left is to put the bomb into a mug, fill it with heated milk and stir a little.  Oh so good.

Cheers to better days ahead.