Friday, April 15, 2022

Princess My Party

As my life plods along day to day I noticed it moves at a much slower pace.  Mentally, physically and emotionally I have turned from the Energizer bunny to the tortoise, but the days and years still pass by quickly.  As long as I close the circles on my smartwatch, I feel pretty accomplished.  Anyone who doesn't know about a smartwatch, it allows you to set standing, exercise and moving goals.  I have to stand up every hour for 12 hours, I have to exercise 30 minutes a day and move enough to burn at least 270 calories.  This was a good day.  They aren't all like that but I try.

Some people are motivated without the encouragement of devices or others, but I'm not one of those people.  I have to see it in a tangible form to be accountable.  It could just as easy be a pencil and paper, but a smartwatch is more fun.

As the days go by for me, they also zoom by for everyone else.  That includes my family.  One day your grandchildren are toddlers and the next they are grown adults.  I have written about all of them over the past ten years.  Yesterday my granddaughter came over to do a project for her part time job, and I realized that it's been a long time since I wrote of her.  I started blogging when she had just turned twelve, and she didn't appreciate me sharing everything.   Now she is 21.  I asked if I could write about her latest endeavor and she said "yes".  She said I had been posting without her permission for years so it was fine.  I thought I had been really good about over sharing, but apparently not perfect.

I admit I have posted about her love for acting and the high school plays.  After high school and since the start of COVID she hasn't had much opportunity for performing.   This winter she remembered being told of a company she may be interested in.  During her senior pictures the photographer could see she had a flare and suggested she look into a company called Princess My Party.  She called them and was hired.  She has a full time job but this was the opportunity for a part time job doing what she loves.  She gets to dress up as characters. It's mostly parties for children or an event of some kind.   The people that hire them can choose the character and activities such a story reading, face painting, singing and others.  She has been mascots like Paw Patrol and the Easter Bunny, Barbie, Anna from Frozen 2, Ariel from the Little Mermaid and many others.   She will be at my house tonight to do a Facebook live.  

Here are just a couple photos I have.  I didn't dare copy from the website.  They are on all forms of social media if you want to search for Princess My Party.  

Our life is a culmination of all of our memories.  Some are good and some are bad.  Not one person has the same life story.  I have a feeling no matter how long my granddaughter sticks with this job, she will always remember it fondly.