Monday, July 11, 2022

Three For The Price Of One

I am writing this short blog today as a reminder to myself.  So much information comes into our lives daily.  I have to write things down that I used to file in my brain.

On Mother's Day my daughter gave me a beautiful hanging plant.  It contained a Fuchsia plant, a Begonia and a New Guinea Impatient plant.  I had read that nurseries crowd plants into the baskets so they are beautiful for the moment.  I looked at my plant and thought it was rather crowded.  Experience had taught me that the blooms on these plants are hard to sustain.

I decided to split my one basket into three so they had plenty of room for the roots to spread out.  It worked out better than I had imagined.  

 Next Spring I will do the same thing.  The trick will be remembering that I wrote this blog.