Thursday, July 21, 2022

I'm Not Going Down Without A Fight

Recently my friend wrote a blog about her parents and how aging is such a slow process we barely notice especially if we see the person on a regular basis. She mentioned how things that were really important like clothing, house upkeep, hobbies and activities gradually get less important. Her excellent blog is 

I got to thinking. Is that happening to me, and I don't even realize it? It probably is but I am going to fight that tooth and nail because I know it will come eventually. As with my friend, I saw the very same things happen to my parents. Up until the end my mom would have me go to the store for certain ingredients because she had every intention of making that meatloaf or baking a cake. She didn't do it, but she wanted to.  

For my entire adult life I have decorated for various holidays. Some years it wasn't much, but I liked doing it. Now every holiday I struggle saying to myself that it is too much work, no one sees it or it's the same thing every year. I have blogged about this and got many comments from people my age not bothering anymore. Then I can't help myself, and I dig out the decorations. I now realize this is a good thing. This year was no exception. I put up Valentines in February and St. Patrick's Day decorations in March. In May and before Memorial Day I got out the red, white and blue. I thought if I put a few things out, I would be decorated until after the 4th of July. Even a little change helps the mood.  This year I even made new doilies. 

The same is true with furniture. I really need new chairs. After my mom died and my dad moved in with us, I got my parents power recliners. My dad sat and slept in them all the time, and they are really showing wear. I am at the stage where it's easier to keep them than shop for new chairs and dispose of the old ones. Maybe I should reconsider that. 

Then there are clothing items. I am sure my clothes are out of style, but most things I see in stores look worse than what I already have. Is that the trap? My mind is slowly convincing myself what I have is fine, and it really doesn't matter anyway.  

There is no real message in this blog except do what you can for as long as you can. When you aren't even looking things change, so I crocheted a sunflower doily, I ordered another pair of new shoes, bought paint for my front door and got a half gallon of chocolate ice cream.  I'm not going down without a fight.