Monday, January 7, 2013

Trail Camera, Primos TruthCam 46

This is for those of you who have an interest in our trail camera and the photos it takes.

Yesterday, January 6, 2013, I posted some nighttime photos that were taken from our Trail Camera. This is our second camera. Several years ago I had an interest in seeing what wandered through our property at night when we are sleeping or when we were away from home. We started out with a Cuddeback brand trail camera. It wasn't long before we discovered many things we didn't like about it. I won't go into all of them, but the main thing was that it blew through batteries very quickly, particularly in the winter. Then it stopped working entirely but the company wouldn't do anything about it because I didn't have a receipt and the camera couldn't even hold a charge long enough to access the camera to see the date of purchase. I'm not saying all models of this camera are bad. We may have just gotten a lemon, but we won't buy another Cuddeback. There are a lot of cameras on the market at all price points, but I really didn't want to spend a lot of money on one. I started researching. My main criteria was battery life, high enough pixels to have a good quality photo and an infrared flash. If the camera is close to a road, you don't want people to know you are taking photos by seeing a flash. The infrared flash doesn't show and doesn't scare the animals either. I put my camera on trees and pointed where ever I wanted to photo. Then it became a pain to move all the time, so I mounted it on an old mosquito zapper on wheels. The mosquito zapper was not very effective at killing mosquitoes, but it works great to move the camera around. Sometimes when it is very dark outside, I have to edit the photo slightly to remove the shadows. The daylight photos are great.  You can check it often or whenever you want. Mine is close to the house and I have a lot of activity, so I go out every morning. I take out the SD card and put a new one in. I save the photos I want and delete the rest, so everyday I start out with a empty card. 

Don't Laugh this is my System

I will end the suspense. The camera we purchased was the Primos TruthCam 46. I have had it a year and have only changed the batteries (4 D batteries) three times. There is a read out on the screen that tells the percentage of charge left in the batteries. I got it online from Walmart through Ebates and it came with a free mounting bracket and no shipping costs. I paid $99 minus the ebates rebate. I believe there is a external solar charger available, but I have not used that.

You can see at the bottom of the picture information.  The moon phase, temperature, date and time.

These are color photos from the camera.

Here are the specs:

Primos Truth Cam 46:
  • 46 adjustable infrared LEDs
  • 1 second trigger speed
  • 200 percent better battery life
  • Tested beyond 30,000 photos with 4 D cell alkaline batteries
  • Allows you to adjust the number of active LEDs from 46 to 25
  • 5.0MP resolution photos or videos
  • Date, time, temperature, and moon phase information
  • Backlit screen
  • Large, easy-to-read menu settings
  • All settings are adjustable
  • Low-profile design with Realtree APG camo finish
  • Includes quick tree strap
  • Easy to understand quick instructions are printed on camera door
  • Molded security cable hole through case

    I hope this information helps.

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