Saturday, June 29, 2013

Baltimore Oriole Summer Update

This is a short update on the Baltimore Orioles which arrived back in our area of Wisconsin on May 1.
Oriole nest in Pin Cherry Tree.

Oriole nest that was built last summer (2012)  Usually they hide themselves in the trees so we can't see them.

This years nests were built a few weeks ago and now the young have hatched.   They must be very hungry because I am putting out one jar of grape jelly per day.  I love them, so I don't mind, but I need to buy several jars at a time.  I usually pick up six to eight jars whenever I go grocery shopping.

I have noticed that we have had very few bees this year.  Usually the bees are on the jelly too.  They don't seem to bother the Orioles but they do bother the hummingbirds.  I wonder what is going on.  I heard the bee population is way down and that is apparent here.

Orioles eating as much jelly as they can.

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