Monday, September 2, 2013

There Are Always Dirty Dishes

I was going to write a poem about my next blog subject.  It started out like this...

I think that I shall never see, a shiny sink for all to see. 
A sink that looks at me all day and gleams and shines, for this I pray. 
Alas it only is a dream, because every day I want to scream......

I could go on and on about my least favorite household chore which is washing dirty dishes.   I love a clean kitchen but by the time I get it cleaned up, it's time for another meal or snack.  I can't remember the last time I had every single dish clean.  Just when everything is cleaned up, a cup or glass or plate appears in the sink.  We have a dishwasher too.  It doesn't help because it is either full of clean dishes or there isn't room for one more thing.  I hand wash the pots and pans and plastic anyway, so that ends up in the drying rack.

I would rather vacuum the White House than do dishes.  I don't mind laundry either.  I have posted many laundry helpful hints, but I have never seen help for a sink full of dirty dishes.  Sometimes a little elf comes while I am sleeping, but he must have other jobs because he isn't that dependable.

When I was young, I had to do dishes.  I hated it then.  My mother thought if I did enough of them, I would learn to wash dishes and enjoy it.  WRONG!

So this blog tonight will be short.  Guess what, I have to go clean the kitchen again.  Today we made vegetable soup, meatloaf, cooked a pound of bacon and made cookies.  It's only an hour until bedtime snack, so I better get moving.   Or we could quit eating.  That would solve the problem.

If only it would stay this way.

This is the new kitchen after the remodel, and it hasn't looked like this since.