Thursday, October 10, 2013

Grape Jelly Making

Today I'm doing an update on my daughter's jelly making.  One month ago I wrote about them making a lot of jelly from plum trees in their yard.

Well it didn't stop there.  They had another plum tree ripen, and this is what they did with those plums.

21 more jars of Plum Jelly

Then a couple weeks ago they visited my son in law's parents in the Baraboo/Reedsburg area.  They had a lot of grapes to harvest, and my daughter wasn't  going to let them go to waste.  You guessed it, more jelly. 

Heather picking grapes.

Ewan helping with the grapes.

Sampling a few along the way.

More than enough grapes to go around.

Using the same process as they used for the plum jelly, they made grape jelly.  I'm not sure how many jars they got this time, but we have enough to last until next year and I'm sure they do too.  It's delicious.  They also had extra juice and they really didn't want to make more jelly.  I took home a half gallon of plum juice, a half gallon of apple juice and a gallon of 100 per cent grape juice.  As you can see, we drank some of it before the photo was taken.

 I'm so thankful to have all this jelly.  Not only is it wonderful, I didn't have to make it.

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