Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Exercise Wherever You Can

Sometimes it is really hard to get exercise.  Except for feeding the birds and walking to the mailbox, we don't get enough exercise.  We joined a fitness center once but it was 20 miles away.  It was like having a full time job.  We would get ready, drive for a half hour, exercise for an hour, get hungry, stop and eat more calories than we burned and then drive back home.  That only lasted a month.  We are eligible to use the equipment at our senior center, but walking on a treadmill or doing wii bowling just didn't cut it for me.  Plus they keep inviting us to the pot luck meal.  My husband plays cards there, but I'm not ready for that.  The best thing for us is just taking a walk.  It works great for most of the year, but not in the winter.  We can handle the cold, but the icy roads are a different story.  Today we found a solution to our walking dilemma.  We went to the school and walked the halls for 30 minutes.  I can see how it would get boring doing it everyday, but two or three times a week is going to be great.  So until the weather gets better, that's what we will be doing.  It's an easy way to add an extra 3600 steps to our usual day.  I'm still 70,000 steps behind both of our daughters for the week, but at least we are trying.

It doesn't look like I will get to 10,000 again today.

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