Saturday, January 18, 2014

Make Your Own Candle Tarts

Recently I wrote about saving our bar soap slivers in a bag to use up the whole bar.  I used acrylic yarn to make the bags, and I wasn't sure about the bag drying well.  I found they dried very well and have worked out great.

Besides saving all my soap slivers, I don't like to throw away candles that  have burned down to the wick either.  There is a lot of good wax left in the bottom of a candle jar.

It is fun to make scented tarts from the leftover wax.  Tart burners are great because there is no flame to worry about but the little tea light tart burners are pretty safe also.  The first thing you need to do is melt the old wax from the jar.  You can put the jar in really hot water or the microwave.  Just be careful that there is no metal left in the jar or on the label if you put it in the microwave. Melting with hot water in a double boiler or in an electric candle warmer is the safest.

This is an electric jar candle warmer.

When the wax has been melted, it can be carefully poured into a mold.  The best thing to use are the silicone cupcake forms.  When cooled, the tart pops out perfectly.  Metal forms work but they conduct the heat so they are hard to handle until cooled.

A tart warmer using a tea candle.

An electric tart warmer.

You can buy the little individually wrapped tarts, but they cost at least $2.00 each.  With a little effort these can be made for nothing and it's fun too.

*It has come to my attention that using regular paraffin wax could be hazardous to your health.  This is a link that talks about that and tells how to make tarts with Beeswax, coconut oil and natural ingredients.

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