Sunday, September 20, 2015

Banana Ripening Technique Debunked

I did a little experiment recently.  I read on Facebook that bananas keep much longer if you wrap the ends of the banana with plastic wrap.  I bought a bunch of semi-green bananas.  I wrapped some of them with plastic wrap and left the others.  I took this photo after a couple days.

At first I thought the wrapped bananas looked like they had a little more green near the stem.  We ate one of each and didn't notice a difference.  I left them a few more days and this was the result.  No difference.

A week later I tried the experiment again.  I had the same result.  No change in the rate of ripening.

My conclusion is that wrapping the stem with plastic wrap has no effect on how fast a banana will ripen.  Most of all, don't believe everything you read or share on Facebook.

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