The Cabin View

The Cabin View

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Will the Bluebirds Stay or Will They Go South

I have written about the Eastern Bluebirds many times.  I get excited to see them in the Spring.  I watch them build their nests in the birdhouses close to our house.  I protect them from the House Wrens while they are nesting.  Then in August, after their last brood has fledged, they usually disappear from around our house.  I see them in the woods, but they stay there to raise the youngsters.  Once in a while, I will see several passing through in the fall.  They usually don't hang around.  This year is different.  I don't know if the mild fall temperatures have allowed them to stay.  The past few days I have seen quite a few bluebirds, but today I saw them no matter which window I looked out of.  They are sitting in the trees, in the yard, on the roof, on the deck railings, in the rain gutters and on the birdfeeders eating the regular birdseed we have out for the wild birds.  They may be gathering for migration or the word is out that I will feed them all winter.  I can give them mealworms, but it appears they will also eat the seed I have for all the other birds as well.  I put some pine needles in the birdhouses, in case they want to roost in there, and I put out water which has a heater so it won't freeze.  I guess I will have to trust the birds to know if they will stay or they will go.  Until then, I will enjoy the time they are spending here. 

I know I have taken way too many pictures of them, but I sometimes feel like this will be my last chance.  Hopefully they won't leave forever, but just in case, I have taken a lot of photos.

The Eastern Blues are sitting in the trees.

They were sitting on the deck railings.

 They are perching on the shepherd hooks.

It was like he was posing for me.

They are looking for food wherever they can find some.
I think this is an unbelievable sight on October 29th in Wisconsin.

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