Sunday, November 29, 2015

Do You Always Get What You Pay For?

Many people believe you get what you pay for.  In many ways this is true.  A million dollar house is going to have more amenities than a one hundred thousand dollar home.  A Mercedes-Benz will probably have more features and power than a Ford Fiesta.  I don't know that for sure because I have never owned either.  I do know my MacBook Pro is still going strong after having it for nine years and my husbands Asus computer only lasted two years plus he had to pay for anti virus protection which I haven't had to do.  My Dyson vacuum cleaner has by far outlasted any Hoover I have ever owned.  That being said there are several things you don't have to waste your money on.  I can't think of anything at the moment, but I am sure there are several.  Oh wait, I can think of something.  Recently I organized all of our old photos.  I had inherited photos from many family members.  As sad as it is, there were many old photos of people I couldn't recognize.  It is very important to label photos of people so future generations can identify them.  As I was going through photos, I found some other paperwork.  One thing I found was a warranty certificate.  As I was reading it, I realized it was for a casket.  My dad had an aunt who died in 1971,  Either her husband or the funeral home thought it was a good idea to buy this insurance.  It claimed that the casket was made according to the highest standards.  It was supposed to be resistant to air and water.  Then at any time within 25 years, the casket would be replaced if it failed to be waterproof, airtight or if the seal failed.  My question is how would anyone know?  It is six feet underground and unless you're a grave robber, you wouldn't be digging it up to see if the seal is holding.  I know on rare occasion, a body needs to be exhumed.  This doesn't happen too often.  I know from experience that the medical examiner has to determine if someone died under strange circumstances.  If there is doubt, they look into the matter before burial.  It just seems like a scam to me.  Go to a cemetery sometime and let me know if someone is buried in a fancy expensive casket that is under warranty or if the person is in a pine box.  Betcha can't tell.

More than 25 years have passed, so we can breath easy.

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