Wednesday, February 3, 2016

2016 Groundhog Day Snowstorm named Bucky

I think most of our lives are controlled by the media especially television reports.  Take politics for example, they are pretty much in charge of who gets facetime and what stories we see.  The same is true for the weather.  A week ago we had 8.5 inches of snow.  There was snow in the forecast, and we ended up with 8.5 inches.  Everyone got out, shoveled and were on their way.  It was slippery for a while but no one panicked.  Yesterday was a different story.  For many days in advance the weather people were warning of a huge snowstorm on the horizon.  They were talking about this storm when it was just a glimmer in the Pacific Ocean.  Days went by and the storm was eminent.  Schools were closed and people were warned to stay off the roads.  The storm was even named Bucky.  In defense, the snow was very heavy and sticky which made driving hazardous.  We had half the amount we had a week earlier.  The most I saw in the area was seven inches.  We live in Wisconsin for heavens sake.  We can take a little snow and cold.  I have to say this is easy for me to say.  I never left the house and I am glad people took this seriously, and remained safe.

I did get some pretty photos.  The heaviness of the snow made it stick to the trees, branches and a lot of other things.

Birdfeeder covered with snow.


This little bird reminded me of an incident.  Yesterday I was watching the snow and heard a clunk.  I looked out the window and saw a small bird had hit the window.  He was struggling to get to his feet.  He stuck his wings out to balance and suddenly did a face plant into the snow.  I thought he was dead.  My husband said that something would feast on it and that was the balance of nature.  I was so sad as I saw blood coming out of it's mouth.

Blood left behind in the snow.

I kept checking to see if he stopped breathing.  Then slowly he started coming around.  He sat up and started to move his beak open and shut.  After a short time, he flew off and started to eat.  If he doesn't make it now, I won't know it.  It looked like he was going to be alright.

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