Saturday, December 29, 2012

Getting Through the Winter

This time of year I get antsy.  It's the lull after the holidays and before we can get back outside in the spring.  I sit around a lot more and see all the things I would like done.  It happens every year.  Some people get Seasonal Affect Disorder, (SAD) I get Seasonal Let's Remodel Disorder (SLRD).  My husband always knows it's coming.  When our children were little, if we couldn't remodel, we would switch bedrooms or trade furniture with my parents.  We would knock out walls, repaint, refinish  pieces of furniture, anything to get through the winter.  This year is no exception.  In fact, it started a little early this year.  We have four bedrooms.  My dad took one when he came to live with us, we have one, there is one with bunk beds for the grandchildren (which they never want to sleep in, by the way) and our fourth bedroom which is UGLY.  It is in our lower level and still had a dropped ceiling and two walls of white paneling.  I never even went in there.  So, I had my husband gut it down to bare bones.  He raised the ceiling eight inches, insulated and put on all new drywall on both the walls and ceiling.  That was fun to see him and I carry those heavy 12 foot sheets of drywall across the lawn and into the house.  I am not as strong as I once was, but he thinks I am.  Fun wasn't exactly the right word, comical is more like it.  This time we rented a contraption to hold the long pieces of drywall on the ceiling so they could be attached.  In the past, I had to hold them up but I just can't do that anymore.  After many days of taping all the seams, the room is almost ready to prime and paint.  I will post the finished room when it is ready, which should be soon.  There is a lot of winter left.  I wonder what other project I can come up with before spring. We bought several chairs at garage sales this past year that needed caning.  We had big plans to recane the chairs and sell them.  Maybe that will be the next project.  Here are only two samples.  We have many more.

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  1. Poor Mike! Its only just begun and the whip is out.
    It will take one month (give or take two weeks) to make the Owl House. You can paint it. Grey is good.
    Enjoyed the post.