Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Treasured Piece of Family History

Both of my great grandmothers came from Germany.  Each came at a separate time and from a different area.  They both came to this country with whatever valuables they were able to bring.  My mother's grandma brought bedsheets that she had made.  They were of linen which she had made from flax spun into thread and woven into pieces of fabric.  These pieces were hemmed by hand and monogrammed with her initials.  Since she was married after she came to America, the initials are of her maiden name.  My father's grandma and grandpa were married in Germany and came to America soon after they were married.  She brought a few things as well, including all the important documents including their birth certificates and marriage certificate.  She also brought a lot of gumption and the ability to sew.  Back then you had to make whatever was needed.  You couldn't just go to a store and purchase things.  She had seven children very close in age and then her husband died.  He was only 38 years old.  She had to survive and keep her family together.  One day I was going through some boxes at my parents house.  I discovered pieces of the linen my one great grandmother had made and also quilt pieces made by my other great grandmother.  You could tell the quilt pieces were made out of old dresses and aprons.  I wanted to do something with these so I sewed the quilt piece on a square of linen and had my husband make a frame.  I treasure it and posted the story on the back of the frame so it will not be forgotten.


  1. Great story Barb. I love what you did with the found pieces of fabric. I think a portion of your sewing ability came from your hard working Grandmothers. Do either Sarah or Heather sew? Do they like antiques?

  2. No, neither of the girls do anything like that. They even ask me to sew on buttons and hem pants. They can knit and crochet a little but I don't think they have ever finished a project. I bought my grand daughter a sewing machine and she can't wait to sew. She also has caught on to knitting very well. Heather likes antiques, especially family pieces. She is very sentimental. Sarah not so much.