Saturday, December 22, 2012

No Room in the Barn

Just so those of you who are reading this blog will know, I don't live in a perfect world.  Far from it.  I just like to share the best of my life.  Today started out very nice.  I went outside in the frosty air in my nightgown and my husband's boots.  Quite the sight, but no one can see our house from the road so who cares.   I walked around and took the pictures which I posted earlier.  Lucky for you, there are no photos of me in my nightgown, winter coat and big boots.  Then I got dressed and went shopping.  We went early enough to avoid the crowds.  We found some last minute gifts and purchased the groceries I will need for Christmas Day.  About 3:00 we came home, I put everything away, made some supper for dad and headed out to see our grandchildren in their church Christmas program 40 minutes away.  Three of them were in the program with our grand daughter playing the piano. I was looking forward to it.   It was to take place in a barn in the country, so we dressed warm because the place didn't have any heat.  We were almost there when my daughter texted me and said that there wasn't any more room in the barn and they had shut the door.  We were already trying to find a parking place, which we couldn't find either.  We are always very early for everything, but not tonight when we really should have been.  It was very dark in this strange barnyard.  So we turned around and headed back down the road.  We went to McDonald's and waited for the program to finish.  Forty five minutes later they hadn't called, so we headed home.  Half way home our daughter called and said we could come to the church for the after program cookies and coffee.  We declined.  I have never before driven 40 minutes to eat at McDonald's and then turn around and drive 40 minutes home.  I probably won't do it again for a very long time.  This is not the barn, but I think it is bigger than the one we almost got into tonight. 

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