Monday, December 17, 2012

Raggedy Ann and Andy come Home

Today I came home from shopping and found a package on the porch.  It was from my sister in Michigan.  She had sent some Christmas packages for us.  As I was unpacking them, I noticed something on the bottom of the box.  It was an afghan that I had made when I was expecting my first daughter 41 years ago.  It had made the rounds to all the babies and there it was again.  I remember buying the cheapest Red Heart yarn that I could find and afford.  So much for saying that you have to pay a fortune for yarn for it to hold up.  I was just so happy to see it again and that it was in very good shape.  I have knit and crocheted hundreds of items over the years but for some reason I remembered this blanket.  I still have the pattern.  Thank you Jan for keeping it and sending it back.  I can't wait to show it to my daughter.

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