Friday, January 25, 2013

Putting a New Addition on a Log House

We hadn't lived in our house very long before we needed more room.  It seems these days everyone wants to downsize.  It happened to us twice.  Once when the kids went off to college and got married, we bought a smaller house.  We didn't realize that we actually needed more room to accommodate spouses and then grandchildren.  When we retired, the same thing happened.  We bought a smaller house.  Soon not only did we need room for spouses and more growing kids, we needed space to feed all these people.  We decided to build a dining room onto our house.  The challenge with a log home is that traditional construction doesn't work.  Fortunately, we found a local builder who had experience.  The first thing that happened was deciding on the size.  From that measurement,  the builder found the correct number of trees we would need in the proper diameter.  He located some trees in our area that had been cut down.  He hand stripped the bark off the trees and assembled the room off site.  It was put together like lincoln logs to achieve the proper size, then they disassembled it, marked it and brought it to our house.

 In the meantime, we had a basement dug.  We have completely sandy soil and seeing the hole dug was an experience in itself.  I was sure the equipment and the driver was going to end up in the hole.

 After the hole was dug, they began pouring the concrete floor.

Here they are setting forms for the concrete basement walls.

Next was setting the floor joists and the subfloor.

Starting the building process.  Putting the logs back together piece by piece.

Then the roof goes on.

They cut out for the windows with a chain saw.

The windows are installed.

Making the old and new match is a challenge.

It was exciting when the wall to the new room was opened up from the inside.
They cut that open with a chain saw also.

The finished room.  

 It looks like it was originally built this way.


  1. It is so nice to have a big dining room and the view out the windows is forever changing. I bet you and Mike are really happy you did the addition. Looks great!

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