The Cabin View

The Cabin View

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Treadle Sewing Machine Repurposed

We all have seen the old treadle sewing machines.  They are the sewing machines they had before the electric sewing machines became popular.  They worked by using a foot treadle which in turn made the sewing needle go up and down.  There was no zig zag or fancy stitches.  My grandma used to make us all gathered skirts in one afternoon.  I can just hear that machine cranking away.  This photo is not one of ours, but the three drawers on each side are exactly what we picked up at an auction years ago.  We bought a box of wooden parts and we don't know what happened to the rest of the machine.  I suspect someone took it apart and made a table out of the metal base.

We didn't know what to do with the pieces at first, but when auction fever kicks in a person isn't responsible for what they purchase.  This is what we did with it.  We made a small side table with drawers.  I keep it next to my chair for things that I need.  Paper, pens, phone book (yes I still use one once in a while), scissors and other things.  This was a way to repurpose something that would normally be thrown away.

We also have two more sewing machine cabinets that are a different style.  This one doesn't have the machine in it.  We found on the curbside.  Someone was throwing the cabinet away.  It makes a beautiful end table.  It opens up for storage.  We store quilts and blankets for cold winter nights.

The next one we have has the machine inside.  It actually works but we use it as a bedside table.  It is very unique.

When you fold the top up, the sewing machine rises.

Then when you open the door on the bottom, the treadle appears.  The machine is ready to use.

 When the top is closed the machine is neatly stored behind the door.

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