Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Houseplants make a Home

I love house plants as well as outdoor plants.  If any of you have been reading some of my blogs, you would have seen photos of house plants all over my home.  I even wrote about the Weeping Fig (The Story of the Weeping Fig Tree) and the African Violets.  I believe that houseplants add life and color to a house especially in the winter.  We sure needed it this winter.

Whenever I get an opportunity to get a cutting from a plant I don't have, I take it and try to root it.  I have success with some and some plants can't be propagated that way.  This past winter I was babysitting with one of my grandchildren.  I am the grandma available when the kids are not feeling well and their parents have to go to work. 

On this occasion,  I noticed my daughter had a beautiful Christmas cactus.  Apparently her husband had it long before they were married.  I found an obscure place in the back and pinched off a couple sections.  I took it home and stuck it in water.  After a couple months, I checked and there were plenty of roots.  I just planted them this week.  I'll update you in a few months.

A lot of my houseplants were started this way.  I cut a piece off this cactus and didn't even root it, I just stuck it into the dirt and it grew.  It's still a little skinny but it will fill out.

I did the same with this yucca plant.  When it reaches the ceiling, I just cut if off and stick it in dirt.  I finally had to throw some away because they grow so fast.

This mother in law tongue grows a little differently.  From the roots, new plants come up.  Each of these spikes can be dug up and replanted.  There are a lot of plants in this one pot.

Sometimes plants just need to be resurrected.  Last summer we went on vacation during 100 degree temperatures.

I did everything I could to keep my plants alive.  I put them together and set them in pots of water.  Almost everything survived, but some of the plants pretty much burned up.

 My fern which I had growing on the porch burned.  I cut it down completely and started watering.  Gradually the plant began coming back and this is what it looks like today.

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