Friday, February 8, 2013

Easy Storage Container

Yesterday I wrote about how to make wool dryer balls to soften clothing in the dryer.  I mentioned that I have a big stash of yarn from leftover projects.  I usually buy too much yarn for a project and what is left I store for some small project that I may want to make.  When my granddaughter wants to make a scarf or some mittens, we just look through the stash for a suitable color and type of yarn.  I could just hear some of you say "but you need space to store all that yarn".  Here is my solution.  I bought a big plastic garbage can.  We cut a circle out of particle board or heavy cardboard would also work.  I imagine you could use a square also.

Next you store what ever you want in the garbage can.  It could be yarn, fabric, extra pillows or bedding, books or anything you want to hide when company comes.

The next thing is to find a tablecloth the proper size.  I couldn't find one, so I measured from the center of the board to the floor.  I took that measurement and cut a circle from an old bed sheet. 

Lay a proper sized sheet flat on the floor. Tie a fabric marker to a piece of string the length needed. Pin the other end of the string in the center of the sheet.   Hold the string taught while drawing a circle with the marker.  Cut out the circle.  Then finish the edges of the circle by zigzag stitching, serging or just a pinking shears. 

At this point I just cover the garbage can with the tablecloth.  It looked a little plain so I had an old antique tapestry that I put on top of that.  You could probably be more creative than I, but it holds (or hides) a lot of treasures.

And then finish it off with a lamp or some decoration. 

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