Thursday, March 28, 2013

Backyard Homesteading

Today I got a call at 7:30am from my daughter.  She asked if I could stay with two of her children today because they weren't feeling well.  I got dressed quickly and went to stay with them.  Neither of them felt great, but weren't too sick so I kind of enjoyed it. 

The youngest, Jack, is so funny.  I was freezing and kept my coat on for quite some time and he was running around all day in just his underpants.  No shirt, no pants, no socks or shoes.  He told me all about the "midnight zone' in the sea and that it is so dark that no one would be able to see anything. It is the deepest darkest part of the ocean.  He is 4 3/4 years old but in addition to midnight zones, he taught me about a sarcophagus.  I asked him what that was and he said it was a place that they put mummy's in.  Then he told me that he was going to sneak up on me someday and steal my gold teeth because they are probably worth a lot of money.  Way back when, it was cheaper to get gold crowns than the other kind. and I still have a couple but probably not for long.  I'll have to watch my back.

A little later Jack went and got a book his mother had bought for me at a book fair.  He told me that he wanted me to get some goats or chickens.  I guess the word is out, at least to anyone who has read this blog, that I might actually enjoy this life style.  I doubt if I will get goats or chickens, but I might want to become a beekeeper.  I have to seriously look into that option. 

Who would think that spending one morning with a four year old would teach me so much.  The only thing I did when I was four years old was to pee my pants so I would get sent home from school.  I guess I was pretty smart also. 

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