Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Saving Old Items

I was cleaning out a few drawers and came across these items.  I thought "Boy have times changed". 
We have so many time saving devices compared to years ago, but we have less time. 

These are hand embroidered storage for silverware.  The inside is a very soft flannel material and I imagine by folding the freshly polished silver in separate pockets, they remained untarnished longer.

This velvet box lined with taffeta is a case for a nut cracker and the matching picks.  Can you imagine treating a nutcracker better than some of our valuables.  It looks like a casket for nutcrackers.

Then this is how they watched movies.  There was a viewer and hundreds of cards all with a little view change to tell a story.  Kind of like a flipbook.  This one was about a French maid.  Oolala, kind of racey.

Then a little later in time, they had these 8mm reel tapes with movies.  $5.50 is kind of expensive for back then.  I believe these movies are from the 1940's

I have no idea why I keep some of these things.  I watch the hoarder shows and think that I am not keeping all that stuff anymore.  Then I start cleaning out and find some of this old stuff.  I just can't get rid of them and put them back until I get the cleaning bug again.

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