Sunday, March 24, 2013

My Quilt Was Damaged By The Sun

It seems as if I am always looking for something that doesn't exist or existed a long time ago but isn't available any longer.  I don't know when they quit making bedspreads and opted for comforters, bedskirts and shams.  I always liked just a one piece bedspread.  Ten years ago we got a big tall king sized bed.  I wanted a big bedspread.  I finally found one that was large enough on ebay.  It went with our woodsy theme and I was happy.  It has faded over the years and I need a new one

Then a few years later I found one at a thrift store.  It probably came out of a motel room but it was large enough and not too bad.  It wasn't quite large enough, but it was fine.

Now I'm looking again.  They have a little more variety in catalogs and websites but no patterns that really interest me.  I have seen the old fashioned chenille which is a step in the right direction.   Hopefully, enough people will get sick of those bedskirts and comforters that don't lay right and manufacturers will make more bedspreads. 

My story does have a point or at least I thought it did.  Before I found the previous two bedspreads, I was again looking for a special sized bedcover.  That time I decided to make my own quilt and use it as a cover.  I went to the fabric store and picked out fabric that I thought looked good together.  I had a quilt book titled "a quilt in a day".  That's another story.  I don't know how you could make this quilt in one day unless you worked around the clock and knew exactly what you were doing.  I cut all the pieces which I had mathematically figured out, sewed them together, put on the backing and tied it with yarn.  It fit perfectly and was just what I wanted.  After a while, I became tired of the quilt so I thought I would hang it on a quilt rack to keep it nice until I would use it again.  Big mistake.  When I was ready to use it again, I unfolded it and it had faded in all the parts that were exposed to the light.  Now it will have to be used as a blanket.  The lesson in this long winded blog is always check for the color fastness of fabric and even then never hang it in the light.  The quilt rack was in a very indirect place, but the light still damaged my quilt

 This is how bright the quilt should be.

This is how part of it has faded.  So sad.

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  1. I have spent YEARS trying to find BEDSPREADS that I like. I don't want flowers, plaid, stripes or anything fufu. I am willing to pay a higher price, but I do want quality. I do not like the quilts, dust ruffles & shams. They NEVER fit properly. Especially with these newer thick mattresses. Do manufacturers even make fabric that doesn't pill? So I do know what you are talking about.