Friday, May 3, 2013

Amish Greenhouses

Today was another cold and rainy day in Princeton WI.  We were looking for something to do.  Dad was feeling some better, and we felt he would be alright for a couple hours.  I needed to go out for bananas, eggs and butter anyway.  We decided to drive over to a couple of the Amish greenhouses.  We live very close to Amish country and there are many greenhouses to visit as well as other Amish shops of all kinds.  I will put a map at the end of this blog with a list for many of the Amish shops in this area.  I was looking for a fuschia plant.  I always get one because the hummingbirds really like them.  The first place we stopped was the Pine Grove Greenhouse.  This is the closest to our house but it doesn't show on the map below.  The map doesn't show all the shops but there are signs and a lot of places to stop and shop. 

Pine Grove Greenhouse

The first thing you see when approaching this greenhouse is a porta-potty, a hitching post and a bathtub holding up the Pine Grove Greenhouse sign.  Maybe they use the bathtub late at night, who knows.  This store had a lot of flower and vegetable plants, but they didn't have what I was looking for.

The next stop was called the Sloping Acres Greenhouse.   This greenhouse had fuschia plants and I also found some very nice coleus plants.  Every retired citizen in the county was out in the rain today buying plants.  Everyone is hopeful that planting season will be here soon.

Sloping Acres Greenhouse

We thought we has time to visit one more greenhouse.  This one was called the Grand River Greenhouse.  They had remodeled and built on since last year.  Much to my surprise they also had fushia plants and they were $6 cheaper.  Everything was less expensive here.  Usually all the greenhouses have the same pricing, but not this time.   I bought another one because it was so nice and a different color.

Grand River Greenhouse

Then we headed home.  On the same road as the Grand River Greenhouse, we saw this store.  It had no electricity and was very dark inside.  They use manual adding machines and didn't have any heat on today.  They did have Wal Mart brand coffee for sale though.   I also see Aldi products on the shelves in some of these stores. 

A & E Grocery Store

Before going home I stopped at Kwik Trip for bananas, eggs and butter.  Then we stopped by the river to see if we could see any sturgeon.  The sturgeon had been sighted this week.  They come into the Fox river to spawn. We didn't see any but we could see our house across the water.

Our house in the distance through the rain.

. . .and this unfamiliar bird.  I think it's a Yellow Rumped Warbler.

Here is the map I promised.  Or go here:


  1. Lovely pictures. You see, there's always something to write about.

  2. Does anyone know if the amish greenhouses in the Kingston area are open??

  3. Yes. They may only allow a limited number inside but they are open.

  4. When will they be open for 2021?

  5. When do the greenhouses open in 2022?

    1. I’m not sure. They opened by April 15 last year. I will post when I have an exact date.