Sunday, April 28, 2013

An Eagle's Nest

Yesterday I wrote about the Princeton Wisconsin Flea Market.  Across the street from the flea market is a large antique mall and next door was a restaurant/supper club.  It is out of business and for sale now, but here is the sign.  I believe that the restaurant was named after the large eagle's nest just down the street from this restaurant. I posted one of these photos on Facebook the other day, but I thought I would explain a little more about it.

Eagle perched in a tree outside our house

Princeton has the Fox River flowing through it.  The Fox River begins as a little stream near Pardeeville Wisconsin and flows north.  It flows through the towns of Princeton, Berlin and Omro and on until it meets up with the Wolf River on the northern part of Lake Winnebago.  It goes into Lake Butte de Morts and on to the Bay of Green Bay and then Lake Michigan.  The area along these rivers is a perfect habitat for eagles.  They have big trees to nest in and plenty of food from the river.

The Wolf River has several eagle cams where you can keep track of the eagles nesting. is the website.  This year one eagle's nest is being occupied by Bonnie and Clyde, a pair of Great Horned Owls.  They probably saw this big beautiful nest in a tall pine tree and decided it was easier to move in than build their own.

We live on the Fox River.  The first time we noticed a huge eagle's nest was when we took our canoe out on the river.  Just outside of Princeton we noticed a circling eagle and followed it to a nest in a large tree right on the edge of the river.  We haven't been on the river for a while to know if it is still active, but last year we noticed this one not too far from the first one.  This nest you can see from the street.  I took photos of the nest earlier this spring and then last week we saw an eagle sitting in the nest.

If you ever see a big nest like this through the woods, it's probably an eagle's nest.

We will be keeping an eye on this nest this summer and see if we can see young ones.

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