Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Destination Hilton Head

The third day on the road we left Asheville, North Carolina and proceeded to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.  We were 1260 miles from home.   Hilton Head is a very different city.  It has all the major stores that you can see anywhere in the United States but they are nestled into the landscape and don't have the bright flashy lights and signs.  It is also full of old people in the winter.  I fit right in agewise, although I don't golf.  The condo was very nice and we settled in.  Although it was chilly we were able to walk over to the ocean several times and observe the local trees and flowers.  Most of the people there are golfers.  In fact, another person from Wisconsin came to the condo next to us.  He was not happy about the weather.  It rained for more than 24 hours straight and he disappeared.  I think he went elsewhere or back home.  We did make a very interesting trip to Savannah, Georgia and Beaufort, South Carolina.  I'll talk about that another time.

 The flowers were just starting to bloom.  It was like a Wisconsin spring but just a couple months earlier.

There was bamboo growing along the walkway to the beach.  

View from the top of a Harbour Town lighthouse.

Spanish moss grows on the trees.  We were told that is isn't Spanish, it isn't moss and it is part of the Pineapple family.  They said if you stood still long enough it would grow on you.  It is a great place for chiggers to live in, so we didn't take any home.

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