Thursday, March 14, 2013

Enjoy Your Surroundings

I have been blogging about our trip to South Carolina.  I was amazed by the beach, the shells, seeing dolphins and bamboo growing along the sidewalks.  I was amazed because that was foreign to me and not part of my everyday life.

 Like dolphins swimming in the ocean.

Pelicans fishing.

Jelly fish washed up on the beach

And the birds, I believe they are sandpipers.

 I don't know what this is, but I liked it.

Then I realized that people who live on the ocean and see these things everyday would probably travel to Wisconsin and be amazed by what we have to offer and take for granted.  The Sandhill cranes returning in the spring, the deer walking through the yard, the river otters, the eagles soaring through the sky and all the other creatures we see on a daily basis.  When I got up today the cranes had spent the night just 50 feet away.  They were standing on one foot sleeping and yelled at me when I went outside to feed the other animals.  They didn't fly away though, just made it clear that they knew I was there.

 Sandhill cranes eating whatever they can find until the snow and ice melts.

The Deer come everyday.

An eagle perched in the tree.
No matter where we live, we have to appreciate what surrounds us.

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