Saturday, September 21, 2013

Saturday Morning Fun

Today was so much like fall.  Well, I guess tomorrow it is official.  I always thought fall began on September 21, but this year the equinox brings autumn on September 22, 2013 at 3:44 PM CST.  They say the equinox is where the heat of summer meets the cool of fall.  I guess that's true.  The hot temperatures moderated today, and it is actually chilly.  I love the cool.  It's like oxygen is being pumped into my lungs instead of breathing hot, humid, stale air but some like hot weather so to each his own.

The pine straw is covering the ground.

The first thing we did this morning is attend our grandson Dylan's cross country meet.  It's exciting to walk across the wet grass of the golf course early in the morning with hundreds of parents and kids.  Everyone gathers in anticipation of the run.  The starting gun goes off.  We try to keep up following the crowd along the route until it finally finishes 10-20 minutes later.  Then everyone leaves.  It's kind of like a flash mob.

Get Ready, Get Set, GO

It's done, Dylan did a great job.

Afterward we went to breakfast with our daughter and her husband, and grandsons Ewan and Dylan.  I had already gotten my dad set up before we left with his oatmeal/raisins/cinnamon and toast, so he was good for a couple hours.  Then we picked up another grandson, Sam.  We all went to the Farm Market.  The Farm Market in the fall is so pretty.  There are pumpkins and gourds everywhere.  We bought a few things.  They had freshly picked raspberries for sale.  We also got garlic, kohlrabi, a pie pumpkin and another large pumpkin for Sam.  It was great.

This Farm Market has been in business for many years.

Just a little building full of fresh produce.

This Farm Market  is located on State Highway 73 right outside of Princeton, Wisconsin.  It was so dry this year that it wasn't a very good year for pumpkins, but it looked like a lot  of nice ones to me.

Can I have this one please?

It's so hard to decide.

The boys finally settled on the pumpkin they wanted.  We were told to wash them really good with anti-bacterial soap and dry them well.  They will last a long time, although they shouldn't be carved for quite a while.  Then we went home.  We packed a lot of memories in three hours.

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