Sunday, September 22, 2013

No Lost Socks If You Pin Them Together

Since it's already been established from my previous blogs that we are a little nerdy, I wanted to share this little tip that has worked for us for 45 years.  First a little background.  My husband is super organized with his own personal belongings.  I learned early in our marriage that he likes to have his underwear folded in a certain way as well as his undershirts.  It isn't hard and then his dresser drawers are always neat and tidy.  He doesn't care if mine are a mess, thank goodness.  Ask our daughters, every day that he worked he would lay out his clothes the night before, and he would put his breakfast bowl (upside down), knife, spoon, glass, a banana and a box of cereal on the table.  It was a sad day when Post decided not to make Oat Flakes any longer.  He ate the same breakfast everyday for years.  All this was to save time in the morning and to leave for work stress free.

Since he retired the only thing from his routine that he still does is pin his socks.  People always complain that the washer or dryer eats their socks.  He has never once lost a sock.  I have, but I don't pin mine together.  I probably should, but this way the pinned socks are his and that makes it easy to separate his clean socks from my dads or mine.

Years ago I made this fancy little pin cushion out of a tuna can and lid. 

This pin cushion is where we keep the large safety pins.  We use the stainless steel or brass pins because they won't rust if they are in the wet socks for a while.  I try to keep the pin cushion in the closet, but it usually ends up on our bedroom dresser.  When he takes his socks off at night, he pins the two together before he throws them into the laundry basket.  Then in the morning when he gets dressed, he puts the pin in the pin cushion.  We wash and dry the socks attached with the safety pins and then there is no matching to do.  They just get put away.  It is so easy and there are no lost socks. 

The socks are pinned together at the toe.  It doesn't damage the sock at all.


  1. I love this idea. But where do the lost socks go? I think its an eternal question no one knows the answer to.

  2. I like that you elaborated on this point, since you told me about it when I posted the cartoon. But I still have the same question Diane has. Where do they go?

  3. I have no idea, but those little sock gremlins have never gotten any from my husband because he always pins his socks. Maybe they are little sock magnets that are afraid of metal safety pins.