Thursday, September 26, 2013

Our Trip To The Recycling Center

This past summer we had our first and last garage sale in this location.  I believe it will be our last one ever.   They are way too much work. 

Whatever we didn't sell and was metal, we threw into a metal pile.  We had duct work from remodeling projects, golf clubs,  a fireplace screen, a lawn mower, a tire rim, door knobs and miscellaneous metal pieces. We also had andirons for the fireplace.  To trash them may have been a mistake.  I looked up how to spell andiron and saw they sell for $300.  Oops, but we couldn't sell them for $2.00. 

Our pickup truck loaded up with scrap metal.

This afternoon we loaded everything on the truck and drove over to the neighboring town of Berlin.  There is a recycling center there.  It is a recycling center for scrap metal, auto salvage, electronics recycling and other things like rechargeable batteries. 

We unloaded everything into a big bin, and it was taken off to be weighed.  We had 168 pounds of scrap metal.  That sounded like quite a lot, but when we cashed in it was worth $11.76.  Not a lot of money but it probably paid for the gas to get rid of the junk and the side of our driveway looks a lot better. 

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