Friday, September 27, 2013

A Walk On The Trail (Or Not)

A few days ago my husband and I decided to take a walk on our property to see if we could find the property stakes.  We used to have an easy to follow trail that took us all the way out to the river.  It has been a few years, so we thought we should take the loppers in case there were any overgrown branches that needed trimming.  As it turned out we needed more than loppers.  We needed heavy equipment to clear that trail.  We couldn't even find the trail, and when we did this is what we found.

There were downed trees and tall grass in every direction.  We even ended up in someone's backyard.  This was not what we intended.  We thought we would take a nice leisurely hike to the river possibly cutting a few branches along the way.

This is the only property stake we found.  It had almost impaled this large tree branch.  I guess we hadn't been out here for a long time because the limb had moss growing on it.  This limb came off a gigantic willow tree.  The tree is still alive but missing several branches.

It wasn't a total wasted trip.  We were able to see our house from a different angle and see a few sandhill cranes, but we never did make it to the river.


We finally gave up and went home.  The next day we went to the county survey office.  We wanted to see if there was a way to convert the numbers on our survey to GPS coordinates.  We thought if we could use our GPS, we could get close to the property line.  It was an old survey and they said there was not a formula and that we would have to find the property stakes or get a new survey.  I think we should just let it go and enjoy our land from the comfort of our deck.  

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