Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Ugly Sweater or Maybe Not

Yesterday my daughter called me.  They are having an ugly Christmas sweater day at her job on Friday.  She asked if I would check around at a thrift store and buy her one.  We had to go to Fond du lac, Wisconsin today, so I was happy to stop.  The first store I went into was Goodwill.  There was another mother and daughter looking for an ugly sweater.  I think many people had gotten there first.  Hardly any sweaters remained on the racks.  What I did see looked exactly like the ones I have in my own closet.  It made me feel really old and lacking any taste in clothing.  Next I tried the Salvation Army store.  I had the same experience.  Last I went to the St. Vincent de Paul store.  Nothing.  Every organization and business in the area must be having ugly sweater day.  I texted my daughter and told her I had more of a selection in my own closet.  Then I looked at what I was wearing today.


When I got home, I packed up a few sweaters to show my daughter.  I hope they aren't ugly enough because that would make me feel a lot better.   I gave them to her tonight.  Our grandson had his 4K Christmas program.  It was very cute.   The kids had so much fun.  Even Santa put in an appearance.

Ewan was a reindeer.

As I looked around the audience, I realized it would be very hard to determine who was participating in an ugly sweater contest and who was wearing their favorite sweater.  It could be very awkward indeed if you complimented someone on their ugly sweater, and it turned out to be one of their favorites.  It is best to keep your mouth shut this time of year.

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