Saturday, August 29, 2015

No More Sushi For Me

Oh brother, I'm such a loser.  Less foods appeal to me the older I get.  My husband and I are boring eaters.  I could live on peanut butter sandwiches on white bread and fritos. I do like vegetables and fruit, but I dislike meat.  I'm not a vegetarian because the rest of my family are carnivores.  For example, this week we stopped at a family restaurant on our way north.  There wasn't one thing on the menu that looked good to me, but I knew I had to eat something.  I ordered a hamburger steak and mashed potatoes.  I asked for it to be cooked medium.  My husband ordered beef tips on noodles.  I got my plate of food and there was a round hamburger patty which was bright pink when I cut into it.  It was floating in au jus and covered with lots and lots of fried onions.  Really not sure if the au jus wasn't blood.  I gagged a little and my husband offered his plate of beef tips on noodles swimming in brown gravy.  I traded but didn't really like the meat, so I ate most of the noodles.  No wonder I usually eat at home and am so happy when I find something I like when we eat out.  My husband can't understand my keen sense of taste and smell.  Except today, he was glad he stayed home.  My daughter invited me to go shopping with her.  I was excited to go.  It is always fun to go shopping with her.  She is a shopper, and I can actually look around as opposed to making a bee line to the item we need, checking out and leaving.  When lunchtime came around, we met my son in law and grandson Ewan for lunch.  Ewan got to choose where we would eat.  Imagine my surprise when he wanted to eat SUSHI!  My gosh, I have never eaten sushi.  My daughters took me to a sushi restaurant one time, but I order something ordinary.  When it was time to order, Ewan wanted a salmon roll.  He wanted to sure it was wrapped in seaweed.  My daughter and son in law ordered all kinds of different sushi rolls like spicy tuna, salmon roll and an Alaska roll whatever that is.

 I just couldn't do it, so I got chicken and broccoli.  When the food came, my daughter asked if I wanted to try one.  Being the risk taker I am (NOT), I took a piece of salmon roll.  I figured if Ewan liked it, it must be a safe choice.  I can't use chop sticks either so I took my fork and was going to cut off a little piece.  My son in law Bret said they were already bite sized pieces so I should put it all in my mouth at once.  I gathered my courage and popped it into my mouth, but then I didn't know what to do with it.  I had to make the decision to swallow it or spit it out.  How would it look for an old woman to spit out her food, so I was polite and swallowed it.  I liked the white rice, I liked the avocado, but that pink raw piece of salmon just didn't cut it.  I will leave it at that, but I will never knowingly eat sushi again in my life.  I like my salmon cooked.  As for the miso soup with seaweed floating in it, I think they soak the fish in it to keep the fish moist so it rolls easily. 

My chicken, broccoli and rice was good.  I actually enjoyed it and the company was wonderful.  As I said earlier, I'm glad my husband stayed home.  He would have stayed in the car, that's for sure.

I know most people love ethnic food.  They love food that makes them sweat.  They love food they can't spell.  They love food from all different countries.  When I married my husband he didn't even use ketchup.   He has grown some in his food choices and will eat Mexican food and likes Italian food.  He has actually progressed far beyond what I can enjoy.  I must say this only applies to main dishes.  Give me a piece of pie or a cookie and it's a whole different story.  I like Danish Kringle, French Silk Pie, Belgium waffles, Mexican Wedding Cakes and other ethnic delicacies.  Maybe I'm not such a loser after all. 

Monday, August 24, 2015

Our House Then and Now...A Work in Progress

While searching through some old files, I came across the papers for purchasing our house.  Some of you may be interested in how the place looked when we bought it.  It wasn't very pretty.  The house hadn't been taken care of.  We loved the view and thought we could fix it up over the years.  We are still fixing it up.  That's the trouble with remodeling.  Just when you get the house to a point where it looks nice, then everything is out of style again.  Remember when shag carpet was all the rage.  I have lived through all the color changes too.  When I got married in 1968, avocado green, harvest gold and orange were the popular colors, then I remember mauve and blue was in, then jewel colors and now I haven't a clue.  I think it's dark brown but I'm not really sure.  

This was how the house looked from the outside.  It was built by a local man, and we don't think it was meant to be a permanent home.  It has two big fireplaces, and we think that was the main heat source.  The room with the window you see and the front porch were built on.  The furnace in under that area so that is another reason we think it was installed later.

This is how the house looked when we purchased it in 2001.

My mother thought we were crazy.  She never really liked it here.  She grew up in the country with no modern conveniences and thought this was no better than how she grew up.  At times I also wondered if we were in over our heads.  The first summer my husband worked the entire summer on chinking the house.  The person we bought the house from hired someone to put colored caulk between the logs and all of that had to be removed before the chinking could even begin.  For those who wonder what chinking is, it is the white product that is between the logs.  In the old days, it was a cement type mortar but now they have a synthetic product that stays elastic and doesn't crack with the movement of the logs.  It keeps cold air and insects from getting between the logs.  

The inside also needed a lot of work.  It was so dark.  The outside of the interior walls were logs, but they put half logs on the rest of the inside walls.  It gave the word "rustic" a whole new meaning.  We removed those and painted some of the interior walls.  As you can see in the following picture the kitchen ceiling had faux beams.  Their only purpose was to hide the seams of the drywall.  They too were removed during our kitchen remodel.

Notice the snazzy orange counter top.  Stylish in 1970.

If you follow this blog you know I have written about many of the improvements we have tackled,  but basically the layout remains the same.  The only thing added was a dining room.  I also wrote about that.

Some day we may have to move but for now this is home.  

The house on August 15, 2001