Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Love My Bluebirds

Whenever I do one of those Facebook activities where they determine your life in a video or a collage of the things or pictures you write about most, nature and bluebirds are always front and center.  Given the place and life I live, this isn't a surprise.  For those who read this blog regularly you will know I write to excess about the Eastern Bluebird.  So here I go again.  My last bluebird blog was written on August 2, 2016.  If you search my blog for bluebirds, you are apted to get several posts. This last one talked about hatching four babies on the fourth try.  I thought that would be all until next Spring, but I was wrong.  Today the whole family came for a visit.  We had Mama, Papa and the four kids.  They ate a few mealworms and checked out the young ones birthplace.   I had seen them, off and on, in the woods for the past two months, but never together and always on the move.  A cold front is moving in this afternoon and it was likely they wanted to make sure their summer home was still there and ready for their return next Spring. Hopefully they will all remain healthy and can return.  There isn't room for everyone here but many of our neighbors have available houses. 

I recently read this poem on a Bluebird page I follow.  There are a lot of people who love to see them.

 by Ruth E. Goodwin, as published in Sialia vol. 12, no.1, 1990

All blue birds are not bluebirds, a fact you should know. You can’t always find bluebirds wherever you go.
The bluebirds are rare, and their numbers are small; In some places you simply can’t find them at all.
But when they’re around – oh, what a sweet sound! Just the sight of one somehow can make your heart pound.
They’re a pretty soft blue, with a rust orange chest; If you put up a bird house, they’ll pose for you best.
A bluebird’s a blue bird, that everyone knows. But not all blue birds are bluebirds, as you now know.

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