Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Beauty of Fall 2016

It's Sunday October 9, 2016.  It's my oldest daughter's birthday.  There is no predicting the weather at this time of year.  It can be very warm or very cold.  We can have rain, wind or sleet or we can have warmth and sun.    Fortunately today is a beautiful sunny fall day here in Wisconsin and a lovely day for a birthday.  These cool crisp fall days can't be beat.  We haven't had a frost yet so we have all the beautiful hues of fall.  Everything is bathed in a golden hue with splashes of red, brown and green.  It's too bad the news and social media are lighting up with so much anger and conflict.  Hopefully after the American Presidential election is over, things will calm down.  As a distraction I am spending time outside walking our yard to see if I can find some of the beauties of nature.  There were many. I will publish some photos today and again in about a week when the tree color peaks. 

The milkweed pods are bursting and the breeze is spreading the seeds. 

Garden mums.

The Toad Lily is blooming like crazy.  I imagine it will freeze before all those buds burst.


Tardeva Hydrangea

Limelight Hydrangea

I cut a few hydrangeas and they are so big they almost tipped the vase over.

My fern grew so large outside, I gave it a haircut so it wouldn't drag on the floor.

The leaves are gone from the poplar tree leaving behind this years Baltimore Oriole nest.

Pine straw and pine cones cover the yard.

I will post more fall photos another day.  I have a feeling that after tonight's debate, I will need another diversion really soon. 

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