Monday, July 29, 2013

The Wonderful Watermelon

Why are watermelon so inexpensive this summer?  I have just finished cutting up my 4th watermelon in the past couple weeks.  I paid $2.99 for two of them, $3.49 for one and the most expensive was $3.99.  These are nice sized seedless watermelons.

We might as well eat them as long as they are in season because in the winter we won't be able to get them at this price.  I take this big melon and stick it in a sink of hot water and vinegar.  I then scrub it as much as I can.  You never know where these melons have been or who has touched them.  If you don't scrub them, imagine all the germs that get transferred to the inside flesh when they are cut open.  After I wash it, I dry it very well.  Now I start cutting.  I cut it in half and then cut a slice.  I cut the rind off and cube up the piece.  I keep doing that until I have it all cut up.  So easy and then it is ready whenever anyone wants a dish of watermelon.  The rinds get taken out to the compost pile.

This is sure nothing fancy like all the specially cut watermelons you see on Facebook.  It isn't cut in the shape of a turtle, it doesn't look like a baby bassinet, but it serves the purpose nicely.  It is healthy and even though it may cause a person to get up a couple times during the night, it's worth it.

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