The Cabin View

The Cabin View

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Fresh Produce

As many of you who live in Wisconsin know, the last two days have been cool.  As far as I am concerned it is warm enough.  I would much rather be cold than hot.  I especially want it a little cool because I have work to do.  Today we had a very pleasant surprise.  My daughter's in-laws came this morning for donuts and coffee.  They always have a large beautiful garden.  They brought tons of fresh produce.  This year I didn't plant a thing.  Not even one tomato plant, so this was great.  They brought cabbage, onions, cucumbers, beets and Swiss chard.  I think I will make beet pickles, bread and butter pickles, a large batch of cabbage rolls for the freezer and I have to research what to do with the Swiss chard.  I have a soup recipe that will use some of it.  I will report back in a couple days with the results.  It was very thoughtful of them.

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