Saturday, July 27, 2013

Playing Cards at the Senior Center

If you have read any of my other blog posts, you know that we live in a very small town.  There are some disadvantages.  We don't have access to some goods and services.  For example, I recently needed a spool of orange thread.  I had to wait until I went to a neighboring town to buy it.  We don't even have a hardware store anymore.  It has taught us to plan ahead.

We do, however, have some very nice services and attractions.  I wrote about the big flea market earlier this spring.   Wisconsin's Largest Outdoor Flea Market  We also have a great library which I will discuss soon, a clinic, a pharmacy, a few restaurants, of course some bars, a lot of antique stores and a Senior Center. 

Princeton Wisconsin Senior Center

For more than a year now, my husband has set aside every Wednesday afternoon to play cards.  No plans can be made between one and three on Wednesday.  He goes to the Senior Center and plays sheepshead with his new friends.

My husband, Mike, loves to play cards.  He learned the sheepshead game at a very young age.  Growing up in Milwaukee, his parents played regularly and he sat and watched.  Then in college and later in life he found others that played.  When we moved to Princeton, he didn't know anyone who played the game.  I don't like to play cards or many games for that matter, so he was very happy to discover that he could play so close to home.

The Princeton Senior Center also has many other activities.  They have exercise equipment available to the members including a Wii system.

They have a pool table, they have a group who plays dominoes, a group who plays bridge, they have a knitting and crafting group and a monthly pot luck.

Room set up for a pot luck meal.

Many books available for members.

It is a pretty active group and we are happy to have it in our community.  Keeping active and challenging yourself is good for the mind and soul.

The Senior Center director playing a game with the grandson of one of the members who is playing cards.

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