Monday, October 7, 2013

The Regal Quick Chef Versatile Meal Maker

Last summer we had a garage sale.  I had a lot of small appliances for sale that had been in my basement for a long long time.  I had a juicer, a George Foreman, a couple blenders and this machine called the Quick Chef.

I was asking $2.00 for each and the only thing that sold was a blender.  I took everything over to my daughters sale and I sold another blender.  So I brought all the stuff home and intended to donate everything.  A couple times a week I make omelets or breakfast sandwiches.  One day I had a brainstorm and went out to the garage to get this Quick Chef appliance.  I am so happy it didn't sell because I use it often.  Yesterday for breakfast I got it out and preheated it for a couple minutes.

I put a little oil in the four wells and sprinkled some frozen hash browns.

Then I customized the next layer.  My dad likes green pepper and onion, but my husband only likes onion.  I put onion in all of them and green pepper in two of them.  The next layer was small pieces of bacon.  Whenever we buy a pound of bacon, we fry it all up at once. Then we put it into a ziplock bag for whenever we need some bacon.  I do the same with onion and green pepper.  When I find a deal, I buy more than we can use at the moment.  I just got green peppers for $.40 each so I bought a few and cut them up and froze them for later.

I used some of this fried out bacon to put on top of the potatoes, onion and green pepper.

Next I mixed three eggs with a fork.  I usually use one egg each but I only had three.  It was enough.  One time I mixed the eggs with a stick blender, but they got too fluffy.  Just barely breaking the yolks and mixing slightly is perfect.  I pour the egg mixture over the other ingredients and put shredded cheese on top.  I put the cover down and set the timer for 4 minutes.  This is the result.

The finished eggs.

My dad likes it plain with toast and jelly.

I like it in a breakfast sandwich with a little salsa.

This Quick Chef machine can make other things.  I make Mexican Rice and make tortilla pockets filled with the rice.  I also make little individual pies with crust and pie filling.

I am so glad it didn't sell.  The only problem is to find room for another gadget in my kitchen.  I doubt if they make them anymore.  It says on the bottom that they were made in 1994.  I thought that didn't seem so old and then I realized it was almost twenty years ago.  I think the closest thing is the Xpress redi-set-go machine that they have on infomercials quite often.  I see so many of those at thrift stores that I didn't think they worked.  This version works beautifully, you just have to use your imagination.

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