Thursday, November 6, 2014

Finding Some Old Knitting Patterns

I was looking through my knitting patterns recently.  Even though nearly every pattern is now available somewhere online, I just can't part with my old patterns and books.  I have some favorites that I won't ever make again, but I like looking at them. One of my favorites was put out by Cottage Creations. Cottage Creation patterns were written by Carol Anderson.  Carol graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and was a teacher in Madison Wisconsin.  I believe she lived in Cottage Grove Wisconsin, which is a suburb of Madison.  This is probably where the name Cottage Creations came from.  I have several of her patterns because they were readily available in our part of Wisconsin in the 1980's.   I like the little booklets and the way the patterns are written.  I have made several "Wonderful Wallaby's" and the "Big Sven Sveater".  In the Big Sven book she mentions my hometown of Stoughton, Wisconsin and their Syttende Mai celebration.  I liked all of her patterns, but the pattern I have used the most is the Scandinavian Cardigan.  In the center of that booklet she even included some Scandinavian recipes.   The easiest way to find her patterns is directly through her website

What the little booklets look like.

These are the only pictures I could find of this sweater.  I only made little children sizes, and I didn't take pictures of the others.  Seeing these, I may have to make another just for the heck of it.  I can always donate it. 

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