Saturday, November 8, 2014

Sea Gulls Away From The Sea

We do not live by the sea.  In fact, we are about as far away as we could be.  In spite of this, Wisconsin still has more than it's share of sea gulls.  They are everywhere.  They are in farmer's fields and even in the Walmart parking lot.  Any place there is a morsel of food, you will see them.  People chase them away, and they have become a real nuisance in some towns.  In fact, some towns will not allow people to feed ducks, geese or gulls.

I don't mind them though.  In fact, they are interesting to watch.  They soar and dive with the best of them and float like ducks. 

We usually don't have a lot of gulls at one time.  I have seen 20 or more, but usually there are just a few.

Here he is lining himself up to dive into the water.

I couldn't see if he got anything.

Over and over again, they fly and dive.

I don't know what kind of sea gulls they are.  Apparently there are a lot of different types.  I do know that they are beautiful to watch.  They are very graceful.  They can dive into the water and fly away in one fluid motion.  I'm sure if they were messing up my lawn or arriving by the hundreds making loud noises, I may not care for them either.  For me they are welcome to entertain me daily.

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